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The strategic orientation of the Graduate Centre of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the activities resulting therefrom can be categorised in five fields.

1.       Early stage researchers: visibility, networking and integration

In their role as early stage researchers, doctoral candidates can rely on the support of the GZ SOWI through information and orientation events right from the beginning. Doctoral candidates also benefit from being introduced to existing research topics at the Faculty. Building on a Welcome Evening at the beginning of the first semester (as the one held in November 2012), there will be ongoing consultation and networking events for the respective cohort of doctoral candidates.

Advanced doctoral candidates are offered the opportunity to present their research projects at public faculty-wide doctorate days or graduate conferences. This is also a chance to engage in an active exchange with established academics and other doctoral candidates. The “Tag des SOWI-Doktorats” (social sciences doctorate day) first took place in October 2012. This successful event launched in cooperation with the Center for Doctoral Studies serves as a blueprint for future events.

Moreover, there are events for specific research topics, bringing together doctoral candidates and the respective established academics of the Faculty. Examples from the year 2012 are the event “Sozialwissenschaften im Rückblick. PionierInnen berichten.” (Looking back at social sciences. Accounts of pioneers) and the screening of “If that’s so, then I’m a murderer”. The screening was followed by a panel discussion with doctoral candidates of the Faculty, which was met with great interest.

2.       Needs-oriented continuing education measures for doctoral candidates

The GZ SOWI takes targeted measures for continuing education by providing specific workshops to doctoral candidates that are neither covered by the regular range of social sciences courses nor offered by the Center for Doctoral Studies. These workshops mainly deal with special methodical approaches in social sciences, but also professional strategies and perspectives in social scientific research within and outside of the University. In 2012, for example, two workshops were held on secondary analysis of qualitative and quantitative data in social sciences. Additionally, the GZ SOWI organises publication workshops on a regular basis (the last one in November 2012). These workshops are closely linked to the Faculty’s publication strategy and aim at providing doctoral candidates with strategies for the successful publication in peer-reviewed journals of their respective academic discipline.

3.       Organisation of funding measures for early stage researchers at the Faculty

The funding measures for early stage researchers at the Faculty of Social Sciences have been brought together at the GZ SOWI, which is also in charge of organisational and administrative matters. They cover the distribution of funds for printing costs for the publication of excellent doctoral theses through a competitive procedure as well as funds for the proofreading of papers written by early stage researchers holding a post at the University. These papers have to be written in English and already be accepted for publication by a peer-reviewed journal.

Moreover, the GZ SOWI organises the award of scholarships for the summer school of the Institute for Qualitative and Multi-Method Research at Syracuse University.

Beyond the funding measures at the Faculty, the GZ SOWI also offers updates on calls for papers, academic conferences and job offers in social sciences via its website and newsletter.

4.       Consultation on curricular and study law matters for doctoral candidates

The GZ SOWI is the central contact point for consultation enquiries by doctoral candidates at the Faculty of Social Sciences. It is mostly tailored to provide information to students enrolled in the old doctoral programme. However, due to the close cooperation with the administrative staff in charge of the doctoral programme at the StudiesServiceCentre Social Sciences, an increasing number of enquiries regarding the new doctoral programme are directed to the GZ SOWI as well. In this context, the GZ SOWI is designed to complement the Center for Doctoral Studies, which is in charge of consultation services across all academic disciplines. The GZ SOWI, on the other hand, is responsible for explaining the particularities of the Faculty and giving practical advice with respect to the social sciences degree programmes. 

5.  Supporting the Directorate of Doctoral Studies for Social Sciences (DSPL 40)  and the studies conference

The GZ SOWI performs supporting activities for the DSPL 40 and the studies conference of the doctoral programme in Social Sciences.

The GZ SOWI supports the DSPL 40 mainly in the coordination of dates and rooms as well as the preparation and follow-up of meetings. This also includes arranging specific documents and taking minutes during meetings. Moreover, the GZ SOWI assists the DSPL team in study-related matters of the doctoral programme. In future, the GZ SOWI will – in cooperation with the DSPL team – offer preparatory courses for the public presentation at the Faculty to doctoral candidates in order to guarantee quality assurance in this area.


Please go to News to find out more about events and job announcements.

On this website you will also find comprehensive information on the old doctoral programmes in Social and Cultural Anthropology, Political Science, Communication as well as Sociology.

For enquiries about the organisation of the new doctoral programme, please refer to the Center for Doctoral Studies, for questions about the old doctoral programme, please contact us.

If you are interested in the Graduate Centre’s networks, you will find an up-to-date list on this website. Please do not hesitate to make your own suggestions and contributions! 

We wish you all the best for your doctoral studies and will be happy to answer your questions. Contact us!


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