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History of the Graduate Centre

The Graduate Centre was founded in 2006 as a bottom-up initiative. The Graduate Centre’s orientation regarding content and strategy was initially defined by a steering group. This group was made up of 15 doctoral candidates from all degree programmes at the Faculty.

Staff members of the Graduate Centre were, from 2007 to October 2010, Dr. Milena Bister, Julia Hertlein, Dr. Thomas König, Hubert Lazelberger, Verena Stern and Dr. Irene Zavarsky. They were headed by Vice-Dean Prof. Eva Kreisky.

A large number of doctoral candidates also participated and worked in various initiatives of the Graduate Centre, e.g. in methods workshops, or helped prepare events. Cooperation projects with key research areas and initiative groups provided for a valuable exchange of content as well.

The projects of the Graduate Centre focused on five fields of activity:

  1. Services for doctoral candidates related to advice and information on the doctoral programme
  2. Organisation of events in the fields of science management and research funding
  3. Funding and support for the planning, development and implementation of academic events, particularly workshops, graduate conferences, networking meetings
  4. Ongoing event evaluation and regular compilation of information on doctoral candidates (regarding their social situation, reasons for completing a doctoral programme and contribution to academic research)
  5. Coordinating and planning the establishment of a faculty-wide curriculum working group of a Graduate School of Social Sciences

From June 2007 to October 2010, the Graduate Centre had its own office at Ferstelgasse 5/25, 1090 Vienna. The rooms were open to all doctoral candidates of the Faculty.

Since September 2011, the Graduate Centre has been coordinated by Roman Pfefferle. 


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