Our research in public spaces: An introduction to research communication

Tuesday, 6 October 2020, 09:15–13:00

Where does our research meet the public? What spaces, strategies, and practices do these meetings involve? Why should we care about public engagement? And how can we devise new ways to communicate our research and engage diverse audiences?

This half day workshop will involve joint discussion of these questions. We will consider the place that communication of research plays in wider democratic society, and discuss where it is present in our existing activities, sharing experiences and best practices. We will also consider some practical methods by which we might start to carry out more or different kinds of research communication, engagement, or co-research – from using social media and podcasting to working with stakeholder communities. 

Workshop led by: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sarah Davies

Target group: Doctoral candidates and postdocs at the beginning of their research career at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Venue: Conference Room, Department of Political Science, NIG, Staircase I, 2nd Floor, Wing A, Universitätsstraße 7, 1010 Wien

Registration via e-mail to gz.sowi@univie.ac.at  until 28 September 2020 (‘first-come-first-served’ with a maximum of 18 participants)